Melissa's ability to think "Outside the Box" provides her with an unusual flair for design when it comes to Flower arrangements. She has a natural eye for floral design and loves to express her creativity this way. Now add her 20 years of expertise in this field and well....she has created some pretty 'funky' stuff!

She started working in a flower shop at the age of 16. It was this job that paid for her degree from Algonquin College in Child and Youth Work, and also where a love affair with flowers started. She left the flower shop for a career in youth work, however her love of flowers kept wooing her back to the industry. Her abstract thinking has allowed her to successfully complete projects for the likes of the East Block of Parliament, providing weekly arrangements for the Prime Minister's chef, and has been called on to provide arrangements for both the Blues and Jazz Festivals. On a more traditional front Melissa has an ability to hear what a client is looking for and has been the talk of hundreds of weddings she has created arrangements for.

She is best known for her sense of humour, her impeccable attention to detail and her desire to help people make lasting memories.

(all photos featured on this site are of arrangements made by melissa)